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California is responsible for 85% of the domestic strawberry crop. Strawberries thrive along the California coast because western ocean exposure and Pacific winds insulate the fields from extreme temperatures and weather. These factors work together to create the perfect growing conditions. Peak production occurs in April, May and June. During this time California strawberry growers are producing over 50 million pounds of strawberries per week. Strawberries are also grown in Florida and Mexico; this ensures a year round supply. Don’t forget your local farmers; we enjoy fresh strawberries grown locally throughout the summer.

Strawberries taste better than ever, berry growers have developed new varieties that taste as good as they look. The name strawberry most likely comes from children in the nineteenth century threading the berries onto straw and then offering them for sale. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C. They are cholesterol and sodium free and are high in fiber. Healthy and sweet, a great combination.
Handling / Storage
Temperature: 32 – 34 F
Relative humidity 90 – 95%
Mist: No
Typical Shelf life: 5 – 7 days
Highly sensitive to freezing injury
Highly perishable, store only briefly
Common PLU's
4246 Pint, East
4028 Pint, West
4247 Quart, East
4248 Quart, West
4249 Bulk 3 pack (3 pints), East
4250 Bulk 3 pack (3 pints), West
4251 Long Stem
4323 Bulk
Common Varieties
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